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WCW Slam Jam Volume 1

Ron Simmons - “Don’t Stem To Ron” {4:15}

Sting - “Man Called Sting” {4:47}

Cactus Jack - “ Mr. Bang Bang”{4:16}

Jake “The Snake” Roberts - “Master of the DDT”{5:18}

Fabulous Freebirds - “Freebird Forever” {7:05}

Ravishing Rick Rude - “Simply Ravishing” {5:22}

Johnny B. Badd - “Johnny B. Badd” {3:32}

Dustin Rhodes - “The Natural” {3:48}

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat - “The Dragon” {4:08}

Barry Windham - “He’s Smokin’” {3:46}

Rick & Scott Steiner - “Steinerized” {4:23}

WCW Mayhem - The Music

DJ Ran - “Make Some Noise” (Mayhem Mega Mix)

WCW Monday Nitro Theme - “Purity - Adrenaline V.1”

Insane Clown Posse - “Take It”

Slayer - “Here Comes The Pain”

Goldberg - “Invasion”

Megadeth - “Crush ‘Em” (New Goldberg Theme)

Macho Man Randy Savage - “What Up Mach”

Kid Rock - “Blast”

Diamond Dallas Page - “Self High Five”

Primer 55 - “Loose”

Sting Theme

Matalica - “Seek & Destroy” (Live)

Buff Bagwell - “Buff Daddy”

Limp Bizkit featuring Everlast - “Faith” (Remix)

Hulk Hogan - “American Made”

Lyrical Giants - “Bone Crusher”

“Got Him In The Corner”

Ruff Ryders featuring Drag-On, Jadakiss, Eve, & Styles - “Pay Per View”

Big Punisher & Fat Joe - “Make The Crowd Roar”

Kevin Nash/Wolfpac Theme

Cypress Hill & Defari - “Fist Full”

“Count That Man Out”

Screwball - “Give It Up”

Konnan featuring Madd-One - “Bow, Wow, Wow”

Curt Hennig & The West Texas Rednecks - “Rap Is Crap”

The Nitro Girls featuring Stephanie Marano - “Bailando”

nWo - New World Order

nWo Original Theme Song {2:58}

Bite Me! (Easy E) {2:33}

“K” Dog {2:31}

In Your Face {3:45}

Hollywood Hogan {2:34}

nWo Wolfpac {2:19}

nWo Only Way To Go {1:57}

Buff Daddy {2:57}

Disciple {1:34}

nWo Flash {2:38}

Buzz Kill {2:45}

nWo 4-Life {3:05}

Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)

ECW Extreme Music

Joey Styles - “This Is Extreme“ by: Harry Slash & The Slashtones {2:30}

Lance Storm - “El Phantasmo & The Chicken Run” by: White Zombie {3:57}

Rob Van Dam - “Walk” by: Kilgore {4:57}

Jerry Lynn - “Trust” by: Megadeth {5:28}

Bam Bam Bigelow - “The Zoo” by: Bruce Dickinson and Roy Z. {6:04}

Sandman - “Enter Sandman” by: Motorhead {5:14}

Justin Credible - “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” by: Grinspoon {4:26}

Mike Awesome - “Phantom Lord” by: Anthrax {4:28}

Francine - “Heard It On The X” by: Tres Diablos {2:54}

Axl Rotten - “Kick Out The Jams” by: Monster Magnet {2:33}

Balls Mahoney - “Big Balls” by: Muscadine {2:45}

Sabu - “Huka Blues” by: Harry Slash and The Slashtones {2:54}

ECW Anarchy Rocks

Intro - {0:51}

Paul E. Dangerously - “Balls To The Wall” by: Chimaira {5:10}

Mickey Whipwreck - “Head” by: Static-X {3:09}

Jerry Lynn - “El Cu Cuy” by: Coal Chamber {4:17}

Rhino - “Superbeast” by: Rob Zombie {4:03}

Nova - “One step Closer” by: Linkin Park {2:35}

Dawn Marie - “Neckbone” by: Powerman 5000 {4:01}

Tajiri - “Just Got Wicked” by: Cold {3:59}

Elektra - “Now You Want Me” by: U.P.O. {3:20}

Steve Corino - “Welcome Burden” by: Disturbed {3:31}

Sinister Minister - “Holy Man” by: One Minute Silence {4:02}

Spike Dudley - “Highway To Hell” by: Jesse James Dupree {3:37}

New Jack - “Natural Born Killaz” by: F.M. Racket {4:21}

Total Nonstop Wrestling (TNA)

NWA: TNA The Music, Vol. 1

"Champion" (Curt Hennig)

"Knock You Down" (TNA Dancers)

"I Am" (A.J. Styles)

"Flyin' to Graceland" (Jorge Estrada)

"Marvelous Me" (Scott Hall)

"My World" (Jeff Jarrett)

"War Neck" (Harris Brothers)

"Lions Den" (Ken Shamrock)

"Take You Under" (The New Church)

"S.E.X. Sells" (S.E.X.)

NWA: TNA The Music, Vol. 2

"My World" (Remix) (Jeff Jarrett)

"3 Live K" (3Live Kru)

"Guilty" (America's Most Wanted)

"Down with the Brown" (D'Lo Brown)

"I Am" (Phenomenal Remix) (A.J. Styles)

"KK Rocks" (Kid Kash)

"Y'alla Never Forget" (Elix Skipper)

"Funk With" (New York Connection)

"Down in the Catacombs" (Abyss)

"Symphonic Anarchy" (Legend)

"TNA Theme"

"Scream" (Raven)

"Deep" (Shane Douglas)

"Snap This" (Justin Credible)

"XXX Gonna Give It" (Triple X)

"F.U. System" (Vince Russo)

"Machine" (Michael Shane)

"Modern Oz" (Chris Sabin)

"Skinn" (Sonny Siaki)

"Dodging Bullets" (featuring Goldy Locks) (Trinity)

3rd Degree Burns: The Music of TNA Wrestling Vol. 1

"Prequel" (Sting)

"Slay Me" (Sting)

"No More Fears" (Robert Roode)

"Prequel" (Samoa Joe)

"Crush You Up" (Samoa Joe)

"Society Box" (Christy Hemme)

"Stampede" (Rhino)

"Prequel" (Jeff Jarrett)

"My World" (Jeff Jarrett)

"I Am" (A.J. Styles)

"Prequel" (Raven)

"Scream" (Raven)

"Paparazzi/Up Yours" (Alex Shelley)

"Prequel" (Abyss)

"Down in the Catacombs" (Abyss)

"Guilty" (America's Most Wanted)

"Eat Me" (Shark Boy)

"Nobody Moves" (James Gang)

"Unstoppable" (Gail Kim)

"Prequel" (Christian Cage)

"Take Over" (Christian Cage)

"Adrenaline Rush" (Bonus Track/performed by Marc Williams and Vernon Kay)

Meltdown: The Music of TNA Wrestling Volume 2

"To Live and Die in LAX" (The Latin American Xchange)

"Canadian Destroyer" (Petey Williams)

"1967" (Motor City Machineguns)

"Black Reign" (Black Reign)

"Gold Metal" (Kurt Angle)

"We Find the Defendants Guilty" ("Wildcat" Chris Harris)

"Pomp and Circumstance/Black Machismo Remix" (Jay Lethal)

"Kaz" (Kaz)

"Valor" (Lance Hoyt)

"Sorry About Your Damn Luck" ("Cowboy" James Storm)

"He’s Back" (Pacman Jones)

"In My House" (Voodoo Kin Mafia)

"Guru" (Sonjay Dutt)

"Watch Out, Watch Out" (Team 3D)

"Screwed" (Tomko)

"Wings of a Fallen Angel" (Christopher Daniels)

"God Check" (Frank Wycheck)

"Ave Vampire" (Judas Mesias)

"TNA Impact! Theme"

"Duelin’ Dales (TNA Slammiversary ’07 Cold Open)" (Bonus Track)

Emergence: The Music of TNA

"Cross The Line"

"Chic Chic Bang Bang" (Mick Foley)

"The Boss" (Bobby Lashley)

"5150" (Homicide)

"Broken" (Tara)

"The British Invasion"

"Te Gusta O No!" (Hernandez)

"Angel On My Shoulder" (The Beautiful People)

"Nation Of Violence" (Samoa Joe)

"Motorcity" (Motor City Machine Guns)

"Main Event Mafia"

"Take A Fall" (Beer Money)

"Cathoil-Funk" (The Pope)

"Coming Alive" (Suicide)

Other Wrestling Music

Michael Hayes and The Badstreet Band - Off The Streets

Everything Is Alright

When The Love Comes Down

The Night You Can’t Remember

Ain’t Superstitious

Touch My Level

I Gotta Have It

Boys Are Back In Town

You Made Me The Way I Am

Billy Jean Queen

Heartbeat Away

Badstreet USA   

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